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What Is A Chestnut Variety?

Dave and Helen from The Garden in the Forest

Did You Know Chestnuts Come in Different Varieties? Everyone knows about all the different apple, wine, citrus and potato varieties – each one has its own special qualities.   A potato that is fantastic for mashing, often doesn’t make the very best roast potato, likewise we all have our favourite wine and if you are […]

Organic Chestnuts | Benefits of Standard Size Chestnuts

Commercial Organic Chestnut Growers, Arboretum and Organic Garden

When it comes to Chestnuts there can be a lot of variation is size, flavour, texture, ease of peel – just like other natural foods.  We are offering our favourite Chestnut variety ‘de Coppi’ because we believe it has superior sweetness, easy peel and an all round general usability that makes it a great Chestnut […]