Our organic chestnuts at Brown Brothers winter 2017

On Friday May 5th, 2017, our certified organic chestnuts will be part of another wonderful Brown Brothers regional produce harvest dinner created by chef Doug Elder.

From then on, our chestnuts will be part of the winter menu at Brown Brothers Epicurean Centre.


2016 High Country Harvest Grand Opening Dinner by chef, Doug Elder, at Brown Brothers

This season Brown Brothers of Milawa joined the High Country Harvest Festival by putting on a harvest dinner of regional produce in their gorgeous old barn on Sat May 14, 2016. The menu was amazingly chestnut orientated.  It began with drinks in the cellar door, along with Doug Elder’s three delicious canapes – all chestnut based from our Stanley organic orchard:-

  • Chestnut tart with quince
  • Chestnut and pumpkin seed macaroons
  • Chestnut and chives scrambled eggs on rye bread.

We moved on to the barn. 90 excited guests were seated at two long, long tables. The tables  were decked with alluring produce including our chestnuts, leaves and burrs. We sat with some food bloggers brought up from Melbourne by Wangaratta Council’s tourism people. The bloggers were enthusiastic, curious and willing to learn, documenting everything with cameras. There was also a background jazz quartet.

Six starters of delectable regional produce were then served, for example fried chicken wings with walnut and apple agrodolce.

The mains, billed as The Main Event was presented as ‘Goat, chestnut and porter beer’. The slow cooked goat was done with chestnut puree, honeyed baby carrots and porter jus. There was also a dish of brussells sprouts, miso brown butter, bacon and chestnuts, as well as truffled mac and Milawa cheese.

Desserts were brilliant with local cheese platters & Milawa breads,  persimmon cake, pumpkin seed brittle and a stunning apple tartlet with chestnut custard and oat crumble. Yum!

Congratulations to chef Doug Elder. We are proud to have a local young chef who uses chestnuts so creatively and diversely. He spoke to the participants about each course and the source of the ingredients. He also acknowledged the passing of Peter Mim, the founder of Beechworth’s Goldfields Green Grocery and grower of wonderful vegetables.

Of course the wines accompanying each course were just lovely, but it was refreshing for Ross Brown to talk to the harvest diners more about regional produce and communication, rather than just wines.

We recall a chestnut industry member being disappointed some years ago that chefs were using chestnuts in only a token way. ‘A greater volume of chestnuts was needed in recipes’. Well, Doug Elder at Brown Brothers, has achieved this with aplomb.

Helen and David McIntyre

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