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When it comes to Chestnuts there can be a lot of variation is size, flavour, texture, ease of peel – just like other natural foods.  We are offering our favourite Chestnut variety ‘de Coppi’ because we believe it has superior sweetness, easy peel and an all round general usability that makes it a great Chestnut to buy.

What are the real benefits to buying Standard and L1 sized Chestnuts?

  1. The Standard and L1 (larger) sized nuts roast and cook quickly and consistently.
  2. These sizes are versatile. The whole nuts can be used in a range of ways, either as a roasted mouthful – or as part of a main dish.
  3. The flavour of Standard and L1 sized nuts is better. Sizes can go up to L4, but for de Coppi Marone chestnuts, bigger is not always better.

We here at Garden In The Forest want to bring only the best Australian Organic Chestnuts to your plate

That’s why we focus on this one ‘de Coppi’ variety and offer only Standard and L1 sizes.  We believe they will give you great value, great flavour and sweetness, be versatile and easy to prepare.

Follow this link for recipe inspiration for cooking with chestnuts and we’d love to hear about your successes.

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