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Tips for Storing Chestnuts

If you love roasted organic ‘de Coppi’ chestnuts as much as we do you will need to master the art of storing them.  Let’s look at some good tips for short term and longer term storage of your precious Australian Organic Chestnuts. 

DO NOT leave them out in the kitchen in a fruit bowl, they will quickly dry out.

Cool Storing Chestnuts for later use

You can easily store chestnuts in your fridge crisper between 1c and 5c.

  • Crisper storage is the equivalent of northern hemisphere winter storage in the wild.
  • It simulates the snowy cold and moisture of a leaf covered forest floor which chestnuts need to germinate in the early spring.
  • They will last quite a few months  in the crisper, but will try to germinate in late August onwards as they sense spring coming on.

Storing for use later in the Year

  • Germination will  also slowly change the flavour so if you want to store some to use much later in the year, it is best to cook and freeze them for best keeping.
  • Chestnuts can be roasted or boiled and stored in the freezer too.

Chestnuts are very seasonal – you can only buy Chestnuts from April to June (while stocks last) so understanding how best to make them last and safe and effective ways of storing Chestnuts is essential.

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