Garden In The Forest
Organic Chestnuts

The home of beautiful, sweet and easy to peel ‘de Coppi Marone’ chestnuts.
– Stanley, Victoria, Australia

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We want people to learn Chestnut varieties, especially our favourite ‘de Coppi’, the best Italian variety for flavour and easy peeling.

Helen and David McIntyre

About Us

David and Helen have been growing organic chestnuts for over 17 years & gained NASAA certification in 2013.

Buy Chestnuts OnlineThe property, ‘The Garden in the Forest’, is situated at 820m on the Stanley Plateau in the foothills of the Victorian mountains.

It consists of 16 hectares of remnant montane native forest and 6 hectares of orchard, arboretum and garden.  We offer only the best variety chestnut for internet sales, the “De Coppi Marone”. This is the classic Marone de Susa from northern Italy. This ancient variety has the best flavour, texture and peeling qualities.

We have a passion for ecological and organic growing, both as a benefit to the life around us and to the health of our customers.  Simply Click To… Get To Know Us Better